KVADRA PARTS company manufactures disposable paper tableware and distributes disposable tableware and Kraft paper bags.

KVADRA PARTS commenced its work with setup of a series of tasks: systematization of all business processes, expansion of the company presence in Ukraine and introduction of our products to the European markets.

With the use of high-quality paper, ecological bonds and the stably high-quality operation of manufacturing machines, we have achieved a significant reduction of defects and have reached a competitive price level.
The most important thing – our paper cups conform to the requirements documents that regulate manufacturing of high-quality, safe, waterproof, and ecological goods.


  • Modern high-tech production;
  • Manufacturing of branded cups within a very short time;
  • Operational development of a design mock-up – up to 1 day;
  • Application of high-quality, primarily Finnish, Swedish and German cardboards;
  • Wide range of paper cups and their purchased parts;
  • Work with a various density paper;
  • Work with small and over-size quantities;
  • Successful export of our products to EU countries.

Having arranged stable production of paper cups, we developed further and opened a high-tech packing department which enabled to extend our product range to the maximum so that we can accept for packing all other kinds of disposable tableware. Such a development made it possible to supply a whole line of disposable tableware to the filling station chain, big and small shopping mall and considerably increase the wholesale transactions.

And above all – we successfully move ahead to our main goal – export of our products.

Now our team already exports our products to Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

Main lines of activity:

  • Production of paper cups;
  • Packing sets of disposable tableware;
  • Distribution of disposable tableware;
  • Distribution of Kraft paper bags.