What are competitive advantages of KVADRA PARTS company?

KVADRA PARTS company manufactures disposable paper tableware and distributes disposable tableware and Kraft paper bags.

Our main advantages:

  • state-of-the-art technology;
  • manufacturing of branded paper cups within a very short time;
  • operational development of a design mock-up – up to 1 day;
  • wide range of paper cups and their purchased parts;
  • work with a various density paper;
  • work with small and over-size quantities;
  • successful export of our products to EU countries;
  • range of disposable tableware.

What kind of goods we can buy from KVADRA PARTS company?

The company offers a full range of disposable tableware:

  • paper cups;
  • plates;
  • bowls;
  • forks, spoons, and knifes;
  • soup bowls;
  • cups;
  • lunch-boxes.

Our disposable tableware meets all quality standards. We have our own production of paper cups. We purchase all additional goods from the leading foreign manufacturers and sell them through our own trading house.

Standard sizes of cups: 110, 175, 250, 300, 340, 400 and 500 ml.

Where are manufactured paper cups?

We manufacture disposable paper cups at our own production capacity that located in Ukraine. All raw materials meet the international standards of ecological safety.

Carton cups with a logo are manufactured from high-quality paper. For printing we use only food-grade ink that do not fade, do not have an odor and do not remain on hands when heated.

How to make an order on the site?

The easiest way to make an order on the site is to click the quick order button. Shop assistants will contact you and place your order. We accept online orders 24/7.

What are conditions of payment and delivery?

You can choose whether to pick up disposable tableware at the store or have it delivered to any city. Cost of delivery is paid according to the tariffs of the logistics service.

What is the use of the showroom for customers?

Handling bunk orders, we understand that it is so important to check the quality of the products before buying. It is for this purpose that we have opened the showroom where customers can see all our goods.

What is a trading house for?

We know how convenient it is to buy all the necessary goods from one source that`s why our trading house allows you to buy not only paper cups, but also all possible associated goods: lids, stirrers, holders, plates, etc.

What is biobased tableware made of?

Absolutely safe and eco-friendly tableware is made of plant raw materials:

  • cornflour;
  • wheat straw;
  • sugar cane;
  • bamboo fiber.

What are the conditions for branding cups in your company?

Branded cups with your logo – the ideal solution for any event.

We offer branding services of our range of paper cups, furthermore, the price will not differ significantly from the standard price of a cup without a logo. You can give us your mock-up of the cup or make an order to our designers. Four standard sizes of the cups are available for branding: 110 ml, 175 ml, 250 ml, and 340 ml. Minimum order quantity for branded cups is 10,000 units of one type and volume. Cost of manufacturing of branded cups is +0.05 UAH to the cost of standard color cups. The current price is indicated on the Store site section.

What are branded products for?

First of all, branded tableware performs the function of the brand promotion at any event.

Also branded cups will be needed for corporate events:

  • corporate New Year;
  • team building;
  • company anniversary;
  • sports and athletic contests;
  • trainings.

Also, if business events are planned:

  • conferences;
  • seminars;
  • forums, congresses;
  • welcome receptions, meetings, dinners;
  • opening of shopping malls, clubs, branches.

Also, if your company participates in shows and exhibitions:

  • promotional offers;
  • exhibitions;
  • fairs;
  • lotteries;
  • quizzes, competitions.

Our company offers a variety of solutions and variations of logo applying with individual company design.

What are advantages of eco-tableware?

This type of tableware is inexpensive, light in weight, no need to wash it after completion of events, and eco-friendly.

  • it does not harm neither the environment, nor human;
  • it meets all the international safety requirements;
  • after use, it is easily disposed of and decomposed in natural conditions;
  • underlines the values of your business.

What is the difference between biobased and plastic tableware in terms of technical characteristics?

Biobased tableware that is made of natural materials are suitable for transportation and storage of food, for drinks and hot food, for freezing. Some types are suitable for microwave. It does not change the taste and smell of food, does not saturate food with any harmful compounds.
Eco-tableware is made of natural raw materials that are safe for health. It is easily disposed of without harm to the environment decomposing into organic compounds.

Who needs eco-tableware?

KVADRA PARTS company is moving in step with the times and offers a wide range of disposable tableware that can be used for:

  • catering;
  • festivals;
  • picnics;
  • fast food outlets;
  • HORECA sector;
  • for all types of business.