Branded with your logo paper or kraft cups – universal solution for any event as packing for your products (snacks) and for popularization of your brand. We will manufacture paper cups with a logo of any complexity and color for you.

You can give us your mock-up of the cup or make an order to our designers.

Four standard sizes of the ordinary paper cups or kraft cups are available for branding: 110 ml, 175 ml, 250 ml, and 340 ml.
Depending on what type of cardboard (white or kraft) the image is applied, we adjust the layout and colors of the image.

 Volume (ml) 110 мл 175 мл 250 мл 340 мл
The height of the cup  60 мм  76 мм  79 мм  110 мм
 Top diameter  60 мм  70 мм  77 мм  80 мм
 Bottom diameter  45 мм  49 мм  56 мм  56 мм

We use quality paper of foreign production for manufacturing of branded cups. Manufacturing of products carried out by using contactless method, which makes our products safe and ensures compliance with sanitary-hygienic standards.

Minimum order quantity for branded ordinary white paper cups is 5000 units of one type and volume, and for branded kraft cups – 10,000 units of one type and volume.

Cost of manufacturing of branded cups is +0.10 UAH to the cost of standard color cups. The current price is indicated on the Store site section.